The Institute of Political Science was founded in 1993, with its master program initiated in 1993, Professional master program in 1998, and the doctoral program in 2000. Our goal is to facilitate interdisciplinary conversation through three aspects: knowledge strangification, international exchange and practical training.

Knowledge Strangification

  • To strengthen basic theoretical training in three core subjects of the discipline – political theory, comparative politics and international relation
  • To open dialogues between normative and positivist political science researchers
  • To explore newly emerged topics in political science arena, such as deliberative democracy, pluralism, globalization and modernity
  • To merge teaching, research and publication – we initiated “Political Thought and China Study Program” in 2006 lead by invited distinguished professor, Dr. Shih Chih-Yu from National Taiwan University. Graduate students engaging in this program have been offered opportunities to travel to Japan, Singapore, India, France, etc to conduct field researches and produce quality journal publications.

International Exchange

  • To boost foreign language capability
    • Foreign language requirement for graduation
      • § PhD program: Please see detailed as below ‘Doctoral Candidacy Requirement’ stated.
      • § Master program: Core or elective English courses: Taiwan Government and Politics, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior, Deliberative Democracy, Qualitative Methodology.
  • To involve students in short term exchange and international cooperation research projects
    • Cooperated foreign institutes
      • § Dept. of Pol. Sci., Missouri State University, USA (2005-)
      • § Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA (2005-)
      • § Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Lyon, France (2005-)
      • § Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon, France (2006 -)
      • § Department of Philosophy, Queens University (2006-)
      • § Okayama University, Japan (2006-)
      • § University of California, Irvine, USA (2006-)
      • § Xiamen University, Mainland China (2007-)
      • § Department of Political Science and Diplomacy, Yonsei University, Korea (2008 -)
      • § Institut Catholique de Paris, France (2009-)
      • § Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland (2009-)
      • § European University Institute, Italy (2009- )
      • § ERCCT (European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan), Germany (2009-)
    • Foreign Exchange Statistics

Practical Training

    • Professional master program guides students to focus on the following three areas:
      • understanding basic political questions and research methods
      • comprehending the core concepts in political theory, comparative politics, international relation, area studies and political economy
      • integrating professional students’ working experience with public policy oriented courses, such as decision making science, public policy, social policy, Taiwan political and economic development, local governance, international law, cross-strait policy, labor market, etc.

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